New self care for advocates and leaders program:

What's New

Heart Mind Resilience Program


We are licensed facilitators of the Heart Math Institute training, a Biofeedback based program for advocates and leaders. We offer "Leadership Resilience Program" for advocates, and Elected and other leaders (and their staff). Contact us for a Resilience Training, which we can fit into one of your meetings. For more information on the Heart Math Institute training, visit: 


Videos to Simplify Public Health Policy Implementation


We created the video on this website: "Smoke-Free Housing ordinance Victories" for elected officials or other decision makers in any local jurisdiction, state or province where smoke-free multi-unit housing policies are debated. Feel free to share this
video (or any other of our mini-documentaries on this page). You can broadcast these locally or forward to local decision makers as long as you provide proper credit to Public Health Policy Services. Best of luck on your campaign!



About Us

Public Health Policy Services provides:


1. Traninings for government and non-governmental organizations and coalitions working on public health policies addressing tobacco or electronic smoking device use.


2. User friendly guides, tools, educational videos, and implementation and enforcement templates for tobacco and electronic smoking device policy implementation and enforcement at the local level, particularly during tough economic times, when public health is viewed as a luxury.


3.One-to-one or team phone consultations to help address barriers and challenges. Our focus is on providing technical assistance and tools for policy campaign strategies, media advocacy, implementation and enforcement for high public compliance rates.


Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you make your campaign more effective.



Public Health Policy Consultants



Pam Granger has over 20 years of experience in alcohol and tobacco prevention education and policy campaigns (including 16 years with the American Lung Association).  She is the Vice- Chair of two local tobacco control coalitions. Pam can be reached at: 


Elizabeth Emerson, M.A. was a Marin County Public Health Program Coordinator for 18 years prior to consulting for the World Health Organization.  She has given public health presentations on five continents and has authored several e-guides on policy development and implementation. Currently she consults and volunteers on a variety of campaigns including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and personal resilience development. She can reached at: 


Theo Tsoukalas, Ph.D. has formal tobacco policy and program evaluation training from UC San Francisco School of Medicine and UC Davis Medical School. His collaborative work in tobacco control has been published in  BMJ Tobacco Control, the American Journal of Public Health, and elsewhere. In addition to tobacco control policy and program evaluation, Theo is currently evaluating health information technology policy and its impacts in California and the United States. Theo can be reached at: 




To schedule a consultation or presentation or to pre-order our upcoming e-guide, contact: 


For research evaluation questions, contact Dr. Theo Tsoukalas at: