New self care for advocates and leaders program:

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Heart Mind Resilience Program


We are licensed facilitators of the Heart Math Institute training, a Biofeedback based program for advocates and leaders. We offer "Leadership Resilience Program" for advocates, and Elected and other leaders (and their staff). Contact us for a Resilience Training, which we can fit into one of your meetings. For more information on the Heart Math Institute training, visit: 


Videos to Simplify Public Health Policy Implementation


We created the video on this website: "Smoke-Free Housing ordinance Victories" for elected officials or other decision makers in any local jurisdiction, state or province where smoke-free multi-unit housing policies are debated. Feel free to share this
video (or any other of our mini-documentaries on this page). You can broadcast these locally or forward to local decision makers as long as you provide proper credit to Public Health Policy Services. Best of luck on your campaign!



Services, Videos and Technical Guides

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The Public Health Policies Services Consultant Group offers a diverse range of solutions for policy advocates who find it challenging to adopt public health policies during tough economic times. We have provided public health trainings on five continents. Our technical guides have been used as training tools in North, Central and South America, as well as Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and India.


Contact us at: for e-guides, templates, consultation, training or mini-documentaries that you can broadcast locally, download for meetings,  or send as links to key decision makers and elected leaders.